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    More Wrestlers Dead

    Post by Tino on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:46 am

    Andrés González (AKA Abismo Negro in AAA) passed away on March 22, 2009. His body was found in the afternoon in the river of the town El Rosario.

    Palomeque was also known as Winners, a masked male dancer, who teamed with Super Calo during the early glory days of the AAA promotin. At the second year's first TripleMania show, Winners formed a trio with Rey Misterio and Rey Misterio Jr., and lost his mask in a feud with Calo in 1995.

    He became Abismo Negro in 1997, and was on the 1997 Royal Rumble show in San Antonio that drew 60,000 fans to the Alamo Dome and wrestled on a few episodes of Raw that year.

    He also worked as part of Team Mexico in the 2004 World X cup tournament for TNA as well as working Pro Wrestling NOAH & Michinoku Pro in Japan.

    No definite cause of death has been determined as of yet, nor has foul play been ruled out. According to a bus driver who was transporting González and other passengers to Mexico City, González became agitated, almost panicked and demanded to be let off the bus despite it being 1:30 in the morning. After leaving the bus González found himself lost on the dark hillside, confirmed by a text he sent to his wife. After the text message his wife contacted local wrestling promoter Vicente Martinez who organized a search party.

    In the morning of March 22 González was found floating face down in the river. Afterwards medical expert Jesús Enrique Castro López stated that such an axiety attack could be steroid related, but González allegede steroid abuse has yet to be confirmed


    Steve Doll, 44, known as Steven Dunn in WWF as part of the Well Done tag team, passed away earlier today.

    Dunn teamed with Timothy Well to form the Well Done tag team in the WWF from 1993-1995 and also performed in various southern promotions as Steve Doll.

    Reports are he was taken off life support and died shortly thereafter.


    Damm, RIP Absimo Negro


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